Each Dudley Custom guitar begins as an inspired and personal visual concept. It is, after all, the unique idea behind each instrument which sets it apart from all others. A long series of developmental sketches, often from life, flesh out the idea until a single set of drawings emerges. Peter selects the components of the design from a wide palette of beautiful woods and inlay materials. Bodies and necks are cut from hand-selected mahogany, and mated to tops of highly figured maple, mahogany, ash or European Spruce. The tops are handcarved to precise dimensions from thick stock, resulting in arched soundboards with remarkable resonance and rich harmonic overtones. Fretboards and headstock overlays are sawn from Gaboon Ebony and Rosewood, and hand-slotted in preparation for inlay. Peter transfers paper patterns to mother-of-pearl and abalone, and painstakingly saws each element of the image before inlaying the full design into the fretboard, sometimes using hundreds of individual pieces for a single composition. Fine lines are engraved with traditional gravers, yielding crisp detail unmatched by machine methods.